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Susan Maupin Schmid

Lost Time

Lost Time

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A space age mystery!

Twelve-year-old Violynne Vivant wants answers. She wonders daily what happened to her parents, archaeologists who went digging for the ancient city of Nithnon and vanished into the red sands of Lindos never to return.

Things heat up when a thief breaks into the Vivants’ house, looking for Violynne. Suddenly, she is swept into a maze of powerful adult forces: from the planetary ruler called the Arbiter to the murky underworld figure, the Coil, they all have a sudden deep interest in Violynne. Why? And what does it have to do with her parents’ disappearance? It becomes apparent that only Violynne herself can uncover her parents’ whereabouts, along with age-old secrets of the mysterious planet that many would rather stay buried . . .

Imaginative and gripping, this unique blend of sci-fi and mystery will captivate young readers.